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Dr Bijan valiollahi is Founder of foot and ankle surgery department at Iran University of Medical Sciences.

He is Participant in postgraduate course in foot and ankle surgery fellowship in Switzerland and Germany.

Performing more than 5000 successful foot and ankle surgery.

Honesty in counseling and careful in practice

Your foot should be strong and healthy.There are many conditions that affect the foot and may cause discomfort that can limit movement because the foot is a complex part of the anatomy and includes multiple bones, joints, tendons, ligaments and muscles. Sometimes the structure and mechanics of the foot or ankle may change for several reasons, and surgery may be needed. Dr. Bijan Valiollahi is a specialist in orthopedic foot and ankle surgery, specializing in pediatric surgery, sports injuries, congenital deformity, complex fractures, ankle arthroscopy ,bunions ,flat feet and other ankle and foot problems.He is a pioneer of teaching foot and ankle surgery to residents of orthopedic.Expertise in reconstructive foot and ankle surgery ,Minimal invasive surgery and sport injury ,are important skills of Dr Bijan valiollahi.