Accessory Navicular

Accessory Navicular

The accessory navicular happens when an additional bone or part of the gristle is located on the interior side of the foot exactly at the top of the arch. It is combined inside the posterior of the shin-bone (tibial) tendon, which connects in this area.
This disease exists from birth . That means this extra bone is not a piece of natural bone structure.

Symptoms of Accessory Navicular

The usual time for the first symptoms to appear is adolescence . In this period bones are getting matured and gristle is getting developed to the bone. But in some cases, the signs do not appear until adulthood and maturity. The usual Symptoms of accessory navicular are:

Treatment of Accessory Navicular

Treatment of accessory navicular in Dubai include surgical and non-Surgical approaches.
A non-surgical approach performed in order to release the symptoms and pain.
Immobilization, putting Ice, taking medications and physical therapy might be used in this approach.
In other situations that non-surgical approaches fail, surgery can be necessary.