Achilles Tendinosis (Degenerative Tendinopathy)

Achilles Tendinosis (Degenerative Tendinopathy)

The recurring situation of Achilles tendinosis is indicated as degenerative tendinopathy. In this situation foot and ankle state of health is connected with the progressive deterioration of the Achilles tendon. There are some common reasons that the Achilles tendon does not work properly:

This disease often happens in people who are 35 to 45 years old and they are not athletic.

Symptoms of Degenerative tendinopathy includes:

There are some options for Treatment of degenerative tendinopathy in Dubai. Nonsurgical options include:

If these nonsurgical treatments don’t operate, then the best treatment for degenerative Achilles tendon is surgery.

Surgery can’t be prophesied all the time, when the tendon has declined, it is not possible to get better completely again. So the declined part of the tendon has to be removed and the healthy portion of the tendon is stitched. If the degree of the degeneration is extreme, a tendon transfer is required.