Ankle Instability – Chronic and Recurrent

Ankle Instability – Chronic and Recurrent

Ankle instability is a situation described by a repeating “giving way” of the lateral surface of the ankle. This situation usually extends after reiterated ankle sprains. Most of the time the “giving way” happens when you are walking or doing different activities, but it may happen while standing.

Chronic ankle instability make people feel:

Causes of chronic ankle instability include:

Failure of rehabilitating and healing of ankle sprain. When your ankle sprain, the connective cell tissues will stretch or tear. So suitable healing is essential to toughen the muscles near the ankle. Neglect can cause recurrent ankle sprains.

Note: Each following sprain causes more weakening of the connective cell tissues (ligaments) and serious instability of the ankle.

Diagnosis of chronic ankle instability

After you make an appointment with an ankle surgeon in Dubai, he is going to ask you about earlier ankle instability. Then he checks your ankle for injured areas and other signs.

Treatment of ankle instability in Dubai is possible with non surgical and surgical methods.

Non-surgical treatment of chronic ankle instability is established on the results of the tests and the patient’s amount of activity. This kid of treatment might include:

In other cases that non-surgical approaches don`t work, Surgery usually recommended.