Charcot Foot

Charcot Foot

Charcot foot is a scarce and dangerous complication that could influence people with peripheral neuropathy, typically those who have diabetes mellitus. Charcot influences the ankle or feet joints, bones and soft tissues. So foot bones weaken and could break and the joints might dislocate. In case of ignorance of treatment at an early stage, the joints will crash and the foot finally gets deformed. As a result deformed foot may be the reason for the sores, infection and amputation.

Signs of Charcot foot In the early stages:

In severe Charcot foot situations, swelling and inflammation may be observed.


There isn’t one typical reason for Charcot foot. But some certain known occurrences, such as unrecognized sprain or injury, exist which establish the right situations for it to expand. Since each patient has peripheral neuropathy, he/she may not sense pain or other feelings and the harm can proceed unnoticed. In case that a bone fracture is not properly treated, the deformation can get worse, leading to foot wounds and then infection. Charcot foot has been known as a complexity continuation organ transplantation in people with diabetes.


It is hard to diagnose Charcot foot in the early stage. Usually performing laboratory and X-rays tests are recommended.

Treatment of Charcot foot in Dubai

Treatment of Charcot foot at the needed time prevents serious damage and avoids deformation. There are three goals of treating Charcot foot: lift the weight and pressure off the foot, cure bone disease and avoid new foot breaks.

Charcot foot | Non-surgical approaches include:

People with severe ankle and foot deformation may need surgery.
Note: after surgery, the patient has to prevent positing weight on the Charcot foot for a long time.