Foot Fracture – Lisfranc Injury

Foot Fracture – Lisfranc Injury

The structure of the foot includes several bones intricately working with each other. If only one of these bones are broken it can bring about lots of pain and extremely debilitate mobility. It’s very important to seek treatment without delay, if you feel pain from a foot fracture.

You are more vulnerable to fractures if your bones, ligaments and tendons are weak. Fractures occur when there is damage to the bone.

Damage might include:

If you’re suffering from any of the following symptoms, it’s important to go and checked by your doctor to define if you have a fracture and start your treatment of foot fracture in Dubai:

In some cases, if the fracture is not strong and non-displaced (means that the bone hasn’t fallen apart), non-surgical treatment can able to heal it. For treatment of foot fracture without surgery, we normally try the following protocol:

Rest: Resting will help you to heal faster. You should wear a cast to keep the foot immobilized.

Ice: Ice the foot for 20 minutes at a moment to decrease swelling and inflammation. Keep icing every 40 minutes.

Compression: Covering the injury can help to control swelling.

Elevation: Keep your foot raised little above the level of your heart to decrease inflammation.