Hammer Toe

Hammer Toe

A hammer toe happens when a deformation causes the toe to bend or ring downward instead of heading forward. This deformity may influence the other toes, especially the second and third toe. A hammer toe might exist at birth but it often increases over time owing to arthritis or wearing unsuitable shoes.


As it mentioned hammer toe is when the middle joint gets flexed or curved downward. Causes of hammer toes are:

Signs and symptoms

In general, hammer toes cause inconvenience while walking and feeling pain while stretching or moving. Despite this hammer toe symptoms can be mild or severe.

Mild signs:

Severe signs:

Treatment of hammer toe in Dubai

The extreme of the situation defines the best treatment of hammer toes.

Treatment of mild hammer toes are:

Treatment of severe hammer toe

In case that bending the toe is impossible, surgery is the best solution.