Heel Conditions

larger than 2 million people suffer from heel condition each year. This disease impacts all people with various ages and genders.
Patients may experience ache, discomfort or tenderness in the: back of the heel, under the heel and inside the heel bone.
Extremes of this pain can be minor and insignificant or serious enough to affect the motion and quality of life.
In this situation finding the causes of heel condition can be helpful.

Our foot surgeon in Dubai rigidly examines the injured feet to diagnose the condition. Then according to symptoms and condition, the best treatment of heel condition will be recommended to you.

As mentioned above, heel condition is common. As a matter of fact there are lots of conditions that cause pain and ache in the heels:

Doing a medical examination in order to diagnose and determine the exact cause of the heel pain is essential.

In fact heel pain leads to difficulty in walking and participating while doing routine activities. Fortunately the majority of painful heel conditions become better with nonsurgical approaches, but getting rest is necessary.


According to your heel condition, the foot surgeon in Dubai will recommend to you effective treatment such as wearing a brace (in order to reduce pressure and protect your foot), taking anti-inflammatory medication, performing physical therapy and so on. In case of dealing with extreme conditions, surgery is necessary.

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