Posterior Heel Spur

Posterior Heel Spur

If the Achilles tendon gets crucially inflamed, because of overuse and increasing age, during the time this swelling causes the tendon to get rigid (calcify) and change into posterior heel spur. Further the tendon itself will get damaged too. This disease is really painful, makes exercise hard.


Posterior heel spur happens when calcium residues create on the under part of the heel bone. This process takes a lot of months to occur. As a matter of fact, posterior heel spur is caused by tension on foot muscles, extending of the plantar fascia, and reiterated ripping of the skin that protects the heel bone.


Patients who suffer from posterior heel spurs experience:

Pain gets worse while doing activity or exercise. Furthermore when a patient gets out of bed, the Achilles suddenly drains and drags on the heel spur leading to acute pain.

Treatment of posterior heel spurs in Dubai

There are non-surgical and surgical treatments of posterior heel spurs. Non-surgical approaches include:

Surgical Treatment

In cases that non-surgical treatment loses, surgery is the best option. After surgery it may need several months to get better.