Sesamoid Injuries

Sesamoid Injuries

When the bones extend within a tendon, sesamoid happens. Most of the time it’s common in the kneecap, but it happens in the foot and hand too.



Sesamoids perform like spools, enhancing the ability of the tendons to transfer muscle forces. They also help with weight bearing and assist raise the bones of the big toe. It is possible that sesamoids break in a traumatic injury, like other bones. They may extend a stress fracture because of excessive use. Furthermore, the tendons that are located around the sesamoids may become aroused or inflamed.

Treatment of sesamoid injuries in Dubai

Treatment of sesamoid injuries often is successful, but it takes a long time to eliminate the symptoms. If conservative treatments do not respond, the physician might suggest surgery to cure the sesamoid injury.

Non surgical Treatment of sesamoid injuries:

In some cases, sesamoid injury needs surgery.