Smaller Toe Conditions

Small toe deformation is an important condition of foot health. In fact small toes have a significant role in the mobility and stability of the foot. That’s why in the following article, all kinds of this condition will be checked.

Small toe conditions happen when the patient suffers from specific patterns of flexion deformity of the small toe in the foot. According to which one of the toe`s small joints is irregularly curved and the manner of curving will define the correct name (hammer, claw or mallet toes) of the toe problem.


Harm to the toe might lead to damage and injury to the tendons or tissue environs the toe joints. This kind of harmness may gradually transmogrify. Wearing inappropriate shoes could possibly cause extreme stress on the toes and make them curve upwards. In case that patients have troubles with the big toe, such as a bunion, afterwards they might develop troubles with the second and other toes, for the bunion means the patient puts lots of pressure and weight on the smaller toes (that’s why deformity happens). Other significant causes of toe malformation include inherent nerve disorders like Charcot Marie Tooth disease. These kinds of disease could have an effect on the stretch of muscles and lead to the toes curving upwards.

Symptoms and signs

The usual symptom is feeling pain and ache on top of the toes. Since the toes erode on the shoes. People with smaller toe conditions might make a callus or hard pile of skin on the phalange of the toe. Another sign is feeling pain, tumour and callus in the sole of the foot.

Treatment of Smaller Toe Conditions in Dubai

There are operative and nonoperative treatments of smaller toe conditions.

Non-operative methods intend to rectify the toe malformation in a shoe.
So wearing shoes with deep and enough room in the front, in order to be comfortable, is recommended. Particular slipsole may decrease the pressure on the ball of the foot.
Operative treatment includes pulling the deformed toe straight, especially in children and adults. Another common method is toe fusion procedure.

In case nonsurgical approaches do not work, surgical treatment is necessary. Foot surgeon in Dubai will define the best time of surgery.


There are different kinds of small toe conditions such as claw toe, hammer toe, Mallet toe and … . This condition is because of injuries and harms to the toes like wearing improper shoes.
If you are experiencing this condition, you should make an appointment with Dr. Bijan Valiolahi Foot surgeon in Dubai.