Talus Fracture

Talus Fracture

A talus fracture happens when bones of the ankle break. Talus Fracture usually happens during a high-energy activity like a car crash or a fall down from a height.

Since the talus causes ankle motion, a break usually results in important loss of movement and function. If a talus fracture does not heal appropriately it may cause complications such as arthritis, lameness and chronic pain. That’s why the best treatment of talus fractures is surgery.

Cause of talus fracture include:

Signs of talus fracture that most patients with this disease experience are:

Immediate and prompt first aid treatment when a talus fracture happens, is to immobilize the injured part by using a splint in order to guard the limb. Putting the wounded foot on top of the heart minimizes swelling and ache. Particular treatment will be determined by the severity and the kind of fracture.

Although lots of talus fractures need surgery, stable, well-arranged fractures are able to be treated with no surgery. This type of treatment is a mixture of prevention of mobilization and rehabilitation.

In cases where bones are displaced, the best treatment of talus fracture in Dubai is surgery.