Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome

The tarsal tunnel is placed within the ankle, and is shaped by the bones of the ankle and the ligaments band. In fact lots of nerves, blood vessels and tendons that cause movement and motion to the foot, exist between the tarsal tunnel.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome happens by pressing on the posterior of the shin-bone nerve. Pressing on the posterior of the shin-bone nerve may cause pain and numbness in the foot.

Cause of tarsal tunnel syndrome include:

Proper diagnosis of tarsal tunnel syndrome is the most important stage to determine the intensity of the condition and choosing the best treatment plan.

A diagnostic act for tarsal tunnel syndrome might involve:

Nonsurgical treatment of tarsal tunnel syndrome in Dubai involves consuming anti-inflammatory medicines or injection of steroid into the tarsal tunnel in order to release pressure and inflammation. Wearing braces and splints.

According to the extreme of the situation, the ankle surgeon might recommend one of the surgical approaches.