Claw Toe

Claw Toe

when the toe curved into an unusual claw-like form, claw toe happens. This condition often involves the 4 smaller toes of the foot and the middle and end joints that bend.

Claw toe is often related to a high arched foot model, muscle disbalance or infrequently a neurological situation. Wounds might develop in people with diabetes as a result of reduced foot sensitivity.

In case that treatment of claw toes is ignored, they might become constantly tight.

There are two stages of claw toes: flexible (early stage. Toes are still flexed and stiff), rigid (late stage. toes are stuck, and motionless)


In most cases a disbalance of foot muscles normally leads to claw toes. Foot muscles will be imbalanced owing to the following causes:

Symptoms and signs

Further symptoms of claw toes are:

Treatment of claw toes in Dubai

Non-surgical approaches of claw toes are:

In case of severity of the claw toes, surgery will be recommended. Your healthcare provider or heel surgeon in Dubai will determine the stage of claw toe and recommend the best type of surgery.