Cosmetic foot surgery

It’s not a mystery anymore that cosmetic foot surgery has become a prevailing trend in all the world during the past decades. Even though ancient Chinese created and applied foot binding as a way to prevent the growth of the feet and obtain a desired look. As a matter of fact it’s obvious that feet ‘appearances are not something recent. However these days, cosmetic foot surgery options offer a procedure with least pain and even damage in comparison with the past.
In this article, the various types of cosmetic foot surgery will be examined and at the end you will understand how a foot surgeon in Dubai is going to help you.

What is cosmetic foot surgery?

Cosmetic foot surgery is a kind of plastic operation which is accomplished on a healthy and practical foot in order to make the foot look better and more beautiful.
Cosmetic foot surgery covers the area from injectable stuffings to toe shortening, lengthening, hammertoe and bunion surgery in case that no pain or dysfunction exist. In fact lots of these cosmetic techniques are adopted from medical operations that were established decades ago in order to release pain and rehabilitate function, not to change the size or appearance of the foot.

In the other word cosmetic foot procedure often is done for a dual purpose. Since unappealing conditions such as bunions and hammertoes occur because of physical injuries (this condition usually goes along with painful symptoms). So cosmetic foot procedure not only makes the appearance of the foot better, but also corrects the underlying condition that leads to the problem.

If you are dealing with big toe deformity and tending to do cosmetic surgery, you should visit a big toe surgeon in Dubai.

Reasons for foot cosmetic surgery

Lots of people perform cosmetic foot surgery in order to correct aesthetic conditions. While in some cases, the main reason is reducing pain and treating the deformity. The most famous procedures include toes reshaping and feet narrowing. In order to perform toe reshaping surgery, it’s better to see a smaller toe surgeon in Dubai.

What are types of foot cosmetic surgery?

In the following context some common cosmetic foot surgery will be introduced.

Note: An ankle surgeon in Dubai will perform these surgeries on patients who are suffering from pain, despite the fact that they are labeled as cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Bunion Surgery

Bunion surgery eliminates the painful tumor that is located on top or side of the big toe joint. This surgery is usually done to reduce pain in the big toe joint or in order to eliminate an unpleasant foot condition. For cosmetic aims, the notch is usually located on the part of the foot that is possible, in comparison with traditional notch placement which causes visible scar on top of the foot.

Cosmetic Hammertoe Surgery

The aim of this kind of procedure is to correct painful deformed toes. In order to decrease the amount of scars visibility, the incision is performed between the toes.

Cosmetic Tailor’s Bunion Surgery

In this kind of surgery a painful tumor located behind the pinkie toe will be removed. In order to minimize the amount of scars visibility, the notch is done on the side of the foot. This method is a modern incision placement.

Cosmetic Toe-Shortening Surgery

This type of surgery is usually applied on the 2nd toe, despite this any toes could be shortened. Exactly similar to the hammertoe surgery, to minimize the extent of visibility of incisions, the cuts are carefully located between the toes.

Toe Tuck

By performing this type of surgery the pinkie toe has slimmer and painful corns will be eliminated. As a result patients will be able to put on stylish shoes without feeling pain.

Foot facelift

Foot facelift surgery is accomplished in order to narrow and lift the appearance of the foot. So the patient feels the shoes are “roomy” and can put on stylish shoes or high heels.

Cosmetic Nail Surgery

The main aim of performing this procedure is to remove irritating ingrown toenails and fungus toenails which make wearing stylish shoes uncomfortable. The approach that applies in this type of surgery is a little bit different from the traditional foot surgeries.

Note: Any type of surgery that is performed on each part of the body has potential risks such as infection, inflammation, pain, swelling, nerve injury, and poor healing. The risks of cosmetic foot surgery are enhanced in comparison with other parts of the body. As a matter of fact, feet have to tolerate lots of pressure. Each foot has 26 bones and greater than 30 joints, together with tendons and nerves in which all of them must work together to let one walk or jog comfortably. Thus even if you feel a little pain in any part of your feet such as your toes, heel, ankle and …, you should ma;e an appointment with a heel surgeon in Dubai

Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic foot surgery


Cause enhancing comfort while styling. Especially in a procedure that is called “Loub Job,” the surgeon inserts cutaneous filler in the balls, heels and toe pads. It seems to form a cushioning impression that lets them be ready in stilettos without feeling any pain.
Another advantage of foot surgery is when the aim of foot procedures is medical instead of cosmetic reasons. In other words, by performing foot surgery bone deformation such as extreme bunions will be removed, as a result pain reduces, tight tendons disappear, and the foot will regain normal shape.
Truncating extremely long toes, because of the disbalance and other conditions that they cause, could help you to walk easily and without pain.


Foot surgery is a kind of surgery that possesses all the surgical risks such as swelling, infection, anesthesia, and post-surgical complications.
This surgery could be severely painful.

Foot cosmetic surgeon in Dubai

If you tend to perform cosmetic foot surgery, getting help from an orthopedic surgeon is necessary. Dr Valiollahi, one of the best foot surgeons, describes the possible options. As a matter of fact if you visit Dr Valiollahi, you are going to make a profit from the skilled and a world-class cosmetic foot surgeon.

Cost of foot cosmetic surgery

To determine the ultimate cost of foot cosmetic procedures, some criteria must be considered. Most important factor is the type of surgery. For example, in some cases injection of collagen to the balls of the feet is essential. In order to get awareness of the exact cost of foot surgery see drbijan4feet.com website.


In case you’re exhausted from living with painful or unpleasant feet, don’t wait any more. It’s unbelievable but having pretty feet has an incredible impression on your general life. Actually well-shaped and beautiful feet will increase your confidence. Don’t hesitate. Make an appointment with a foot surgeon in Dubai and privilege the cosmetic foot surgery.