Ankle Conditions

Although in many situations surgery isn’t necessary for lots of ankle problems and using medications will be enough to resolve the dilemma. But when an ankle is terribly misshaped, broken or causes regular pain, surgery might be the only way for ankle treatment.

There are lots of different problems that need ankle surgery. These problems that need surgery include arthritis, tendonitis, fracture, deformity and other issues that can’t be fixed by medications and therapy.

In fact, different kinds of ankle problems can be treated by different ankle surgery. In the following some common ankle problems that need surgery will be introduced and explained.


There are a lot of various ankle problems. Choosing the best treatment is vital to heal and prevent further and severe pain. In fact, knowing the reason and cause of injury and discovering the symptoms are very important. Therefore If you’re not certain of your diagnosis, it’s better to consult an ankle surgeon in Dubai.

In case you observe following symptoms, making appointment with a foot surgeon in Dubai is necessary:

Disability of walking easily on the injured side

The Leading Foot, Ankle and Lower Limb Podiatry Specialist in Dubai

The foot is an essential part of our body, and we cannot tolerate any problems with it. Several issues can affect our feet, and most of the time, we need to visit a foot and ankle specialist Dubai for effective treatments. It is essential to receive timely treatments as any injuries to your feet can become crippling and may lead to other health issues such as arthritis. Diabetics also showits first outward signs on foot. Foot support us, and whenever it experiencesissues, we should support it by visiting a foot and ankle surgeon Dubai.

Foot Deformity Treatment in Dubai

Foot deformity is a complex situation, but we provide advanced foot deformity treatment Dubai. We have the experience and state-of-the-artfacilities to correct complex multiplanar deformities. Medical experts around the world resort to surgeries, and our expert surgeons with careful planning, conduct each surgery with utmost care for the best results. Our foot deformity treatment Dubai is well-known, and we take pride in our hundred per cent happy and satisfied patients. If you require ankle injuries treatment in Dubai, you are at the proper place. Book online for the appointment or visit the clinic in person.

State of the Art Facilities

We have installed state-of-the-art facilities for the ankle pain team tent in Dubai. Patients can visit our orthopedic clinic and see all the facilities we have installed and initiate treatment for their foot problems. We are the first choice for ankle sprain treatments in Dubai. We provide every possible treatment for our patients to stand, walk and run on their feet as soon as possible without pain. We suggest effective exercises as part of ankle twist injury treatment Dubai along with the best medicines.