Diabetic Foot Conditions

People who have diabetes may come down to diabetic foot conditions. However people with diabetes may be afraid of losing a toe, leg or foot to diabetes, they could decrease the chances of having diabetes-connected foot conditions by watching their feet every day. Checking and controlling blood sugar will keep their feet healthy. If you live in Dubai and suffer from diabetic foot, you should make an appointment with a foot surgeon in Dubai.

There are different kinds of diabetic foot conditions that will be covered in the following article.

It’s usual that people with diabetes suffer from troubles with their feet. In fact diabetic feet develop ulcers, deformations and infections more easily.

If this condition is not treated fast, a diabetic foot wounds or blister may get infected. Sometimes it’s necessary that a big toe surgeon in Dubai remove the injured toe, foot or portion of the leg in order to intercept the spread of infection.

Foot problems usually happens in people with diabetes, typically among:


Long-time high blood sugar may lead to a sort of nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. This kind of diabetes happens all over the body, but more often in the feet and legs.

As a matter of fact diabetic neuropathy can cause loss of feeling in the feet. Thus If the feet are soporific, the patient may not notice a blister, notch or Ulcer. In some cases the patient may not even feel a grit in his/her sock that is hurting the foot. If the patient ignores the wounds, it can get infected.

Furthermore diabetes may have an influence on blood flow to the legs and feet. Diabetes patients are more prone to peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD leads arteries to get thin or blocked. So weak circulation causes difficulty to heal foot wounds or infection.

The signs of diabetic foot are:

If diabetes causes the diabetic foot wounds, symptoms and signs are:


In order to diagnose diabetic foot, a specialist will:

If there are any diabetic wounds or blister:

Treatment of diabetic foot conditions in Dubai

Treatment of diabetic foot conditions might include:

Note: based on the severity of the infection, a smaller toe surgeon in Dubai might suggest hospitalisation. Sometimes cutting the infected part is essential to prevent spreading of infection.


Diabetic foot ulcers are just usual in people with diabetes for a long period. However people with diabetes will check their feet and take care of their blood sugar monitoring, some of them may get infections. In case that the infection couldnt be restrained and extend too far, amputation might be necessary. Thus patients should visit an experienced doctor in order to take effective treatments. Dr. Bijan Valiolahi is the best ankle surgeon in Dubai that you can make an appointment with.

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