Flat Feet in Childhood

Flat Feet in Childhood

Flat feet happen when the feet are smooth on the bottom and cause the whole bottom of the foot to contact the ground when standing.

In fact flat feet are common in babies and infants. Since the arches in babies feet won’t be improved till their childhood. In some children the arches in their feet won’t develop. As a matter of fact flat feet may appear in adulthood, but with a different pathology that is called “flexible flat feet”.
However, flat feet in childhood are a usual condition, and it’s painless. In most cases, it might cause knee and ankle unease. So treatment of flat feet in childhood isn’t essential, if it doesn’t cause pain.

Causes Flat Feet in Childhood

There are a lot of reasons that cause flat feet in childhood. Some children receive the disease from their parents. Others improved flat feet as a genetic condition.
Specific causes might enhance the risk of improving flat feet are:


Despite this, lots of children with flat feet have no gripes or signs of the situation. But some of them can experience:

If the patient is suffering from major foot pain, the heel surgeon in Dubai might prescribe imaging tests:

Non-surgical treatment of Flat Feet in Childhood

Non-surgical approaches that are recommended for children who suffer from flat feet include:

Another treatment of Flat Feet in Childhood in Dubai is surgery. Although there is no need for surgery, if a patient has an associated foot problem, like torn tendon and accessory bone, surgery might be essential.