Hallux Varus

Hallux Varus

Hallux varus basically means the big toe points toward the second toe in an abnormal way. Hallux varus can extend owing to the complexity of bunion surgery but other factors are involved as well.


Hallux varus may develop because of various reasons. These consist of a connate deformity, a tendon difficulty or some type of trauma.
The common sign of hallux varus is feeling pain owing to the toe eroding against the inward of a shoe. In this situation, the chance of ingrown toenail can be developed.

Lots of children deal with hallux varus, for their abductor hallucis tendon is too stiff or too short.

Treatment of Hallux Varus in Dubai

Treatment of hallux varus depends on the cause of this disease. For instance, a doctor might suggest pulling the abductor hallucis tendon via a splint, physical therapy or wearing specific shoes for a child with this condition.
Surgery might be required if the conservative treatment were not effective.